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Our company has developed a new type of divergence indicators – super divergence indicators.  These indicators are a completely new solution for forex traders. This approach is our unique solution using BJF Trading Group know-how. Experienced traders know that in some market conditions, one type of indicator will give better signals than others. For example, some oscillators perform better when the market shows a trend, but will give many false signals in the lateral movement of the market and vice versa. Also, to determine which stage the forex market is at is not an easy task. Only the more experienced traders will be able to predict changes in market conditions in the early stages.

Over the many years of experience we have gained from trading in the market, we have developed one clear rule: if you are not sure of the signal – do not open the position. In order to improve the quality of the signals we have combined several indicators of divergence, operating in different market conditions into a single indicator. This single combined indicator will only produce a signal when all of the indicators within its group have collectively combined their signals. It’s important that I emphasise to you that we are picking up signals from indicators within the group so that the combined indicator was stable in all market conditions.

For example, the Super Divergence Indicator i-Div3-MACD-Stoch-OBV.mq4 is based on 3 Indicators:

  • MACD
  • Stochastic
  • OBV

MACD – is a very stable indicator for Trend determination

Stochastic – this is an indicator for Momentum determination

OBV – is an indicator for Volume determination

This combination will be stable for all market conditions and gives a more accurate signal than any of these indicators alone. But I would like to remind you that any indicator or trading system is not a 100% guarantee of success. In order to develop a successful trading strategy based on a super divergence indicator, we must also consider a few rules: 1.    Open or close a position and place a Stop-Loss only on the support/resistance lines 2.    Open and close a position only on confirmation of other signals

We hope you will appreciate our new product and that it will help you make the right decisions to trade!

BJF Trading Group Team.