Super Divergence Indicators

high accuracy of signal

Super Divergence Explanation

BJF Trading Group proposes you to create for you  divergence indicator based on several  indicators – super divergence indicator.  The signal will be appearing only in the case of coincidence of divergences on the indicators you have chosen. This approach allows us to screen out weak Buy/Sell signals and display only the strong signals.

Super Divergence Example

For example, you want to combine the three indicators: MACD, RSI, and OBV in to one Super Divergence Indicator MACD-RSI-OBV Divergence Indicator. A signal to buy is when a new Low-fractal is formed below the previous one and a corresponding  MACD value, RSI Value, and OBV value  is higher than the previous one. A signal to sell is when a new Up-fractal is formed above the previous one and a corresponding MACD value, RSI Value, and OBV value is lower than the previous value.

super divergence


You can request Super divergence indicator based on any combination of following indicators:

DeMarker Divergence Indicator
Chaikin Money Flow Divergence
MACD Divergence
Stochastic Divergence
Momentum Divergence
RSI Divergence
BollingerBands Divergence
OBV Divergence
CCI Divergence
RVI Divergence
Volumes Divergence
ADX Divergence
StdDev Divergence
WPR Divergence
Hurst Divergence
Force Index Divergence
OsMA Divergence
Chaikin Money Flow Divergence
Center of Gravity Divergence
FisherTransform Divergence
PowerRVI Divergence
Rate Of Change (ROC) Divergence
AdaptiveCyberCycle Divergence
True Strength Index Divergence
KnowSureThing Divergence
TRIX Divergence
Volume Price Trend Divergence
Ulcer Index Divergence
Indicator Detrended Price Oscillator
Price for any Super Divergence Indicator is formed by multiply 140 on quantity of Indicators. For our example: 140 x 3 = $420
We do not recommend to use combination more then 3 indicators. Because this may lead to exclusion of strong signals due to the strong filtering.

Request Super Divergence based on 3 Indicators (Price $420)
Request Super Divergence based on 2 Indicators (Price $280)